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A small notice board reminding us to be purpose driven


    Clan Alchemy … Our purpose is to make your world a better place.  What’s yours?

    Individuals and companies that make the most impact are purpose driven and can articulate this confidently when asked “Why do you do what you do?”  Purpose is the answer to the question “Why does your organisation exist?”  It is a good idea to formulate a purpose statement that encapsulates this in a few well-crafted words.   An impactful statement will be dynamic and motivational and will connect with your customers and employees alike, particularly when times are tough.  Organisations get clarity on strategies to pursue and the workstreams required. It is also a great way to build brand loyalty too. We find the better purpose statements connect with the heart as much as the head.

    We work with you to elicit your purpose in a way that is interactive, collaborative, potentially challenging, and ultimately satisfying.  It often surprises clients how something seemingly simple requires a level of crafting to be clear, authentic, and inspirational. 

    So our process design and delivery style is engaging and enables you to define and articulate statements that are motivational for your organisation.