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We believe that there is more to business than simply making money; companies should be a force for motivational and impactful change. It is not by accident that one of our core values is ‘Community’.  Part of the way we do business is to work with partners who care as much as we do – take a look below at some of the great work they’re doing.


Beam has a proven and powerful new model of collaborative fundraising and partnering with grassroots projects, to create opportunities for a diverse group of people experiencing homelessness, crowdfunding career opportunities and providing a support network.

Our impact: Funding campaigns result in real change for individuals – 11 people have changed their lives as a result (Dec 2023 numbers).

Local projects

“Based in Dingwall, Fèis Rois is a national leader in the arts, particularly in music education. The organisation aims to give young people and lifelong learners the opportunity to experience and engage with traditional music and Gaelic culture in a way that supports them in developing their social skills and inspires them to reach their full potential”.

Our impact: We have funded 1 place for the May 2024 residential for a young person to explore Gaelic language, music and culture.

Cash for kids

One in five children in Scotland are living in poverty, with many homeless and vulnerable for additional reasons. In collaboration with MFR (Greatest hits radio) Cash For kids North of Scotland, provides grants that enable kids to get past the stigma and shame, and start to solve their situation. This is meaningful change at community level.

Our impact: Supporting fundraising at Christmas in 2023, we supported nine children and their families.

Choosing better business, better partners, and suppliers

The Apprentice Store

We also try to choose carefully when doing business. We chose The Apprentice Store as our IT partner. Here’s why…

“What makes us different from other IT suppliers is that we operate as a social enterprise. We care about educating and supporting young people to create a vibrant IT economy within the Highlands and Islands. Clients can be assured that they will receive a high-quality service whilst supporting the development of young people. As a social enterprise, we do not have shareholders, allowing all of our profits to be re-invested to support our purpose.”

Climate Hero

As we are hybrid-working, we choose to offset our whole lifestyle as well as our business operations to reduce our climate impact on our journey to Net Zero carbon by 2030.

The choices we make (less printing, no single use plastic, fewer flights) all add up.

Our impact: Climate Hero helps us to bridge where we are today with where we must be in future, investing in carbon drawdown projects.

Impact Hub Inverness

We divide our non-client working time between home office and this shared space. As a social enterprise Impact Hub Inverness shares some of our values, engages in purposeful work and inspires us to do better. Here is what they have to say about their work…

“….established to bring together lone workers, to combat social isolation and to encourage collaboration and social entrepreneurship. It is a space to work and to connect with like minded individuals and organisations.”