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Change can be hard. Often organisations turn to innovation and change when they are under pressure, and this can make it even harder. We are here to give you external perspective to find your way through. Your people are absolutely essential to navigate disruption successfully and purpose-driven innovation is the business survival skill that keeps an organisation cutting-edge and its processes smooth.

The Six’I’s of Innovation

Developed by industry expert Natalie Turner, this model creates long-lasting value for your organisation so you can leverage your strengths where it counts.  Innovation is not a linear process because being human is not a linear process either. The circularity of this model’s approach matches the way our minds work; and that’s why it works – it is human-centric rather than process-centric.

Innovation & Change is all about people

We’ll start by using the unique online profiling tool to discover the individual and collective strengths of your organisation. Once you know how you and your team ‘show up’, it’s time to consider how you can leverage these strengths to build on your innovation capacity for the long-term. In other words, you’ll be able to determine the strengths of everyone in your team and begin to adjust your culture to harness and celebrate these strengths.

The real-world relevance is simple. There are three applications:

  • Individual awareness and its use for coaching and mentoring
  • A team building and project management tool
  • A way of creating value and driving cultural change

Innovation & Change is all about purpose

The Six I’s of Innovation model is a purpose-driven methodology that gives clarity to your organisation’s strategy and purpose. Using a practical, human-centric approach, we can progress through the Six I’s of Innovationmodel from the centre where purpose lies. Purpose gives clarity, and if you link it to your organisation’s overall strategy and purpose, you’ll know you’re on the right path. Are you ready to start progressing?