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This is a screen grab of the "oh for food's sake" podcast, featuring Amy Wilkinson, Lucy Wager and Neil Sykes on a brightly coloured background.

“oh for food’s sake!” – innovation

    “Will I be OK in just T-shirts?” An innocent enough question that left me baffled … and why did Lucy Wager‘s dad attempt to purchase 100 bread rolls, paving the way to a potential festive lavatory disaster? These are just two of the questions tackled during my guest appearance on the latest episode of “Oh for Food’s Sake, the podcast hosted by Lucy Wager and Amy Wilkinson and talking about innovation in the food industry. But it wasn’t just the important stuff we chatted about, we also found time to look at the joys of human communication; and an in-depth look at that lovely confluence were a well thought out process collides with pesky humanity; and how the The 6 ‘I’s® of innovation model is ideal for the food industry (retail and manufacturing) to help navigate all of that. I had a great time doing this.