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A large community of people dressed in black and red gym clothes pose for a picture in the DM Elite gym

Guided by our values – this time Community

    When we established our company Clan Alchemy we knew that our values of community, courage, and creativity would help us find ‘our people’. We did not expect this would in fact show up for us at our gym. Beyond losing weight, or keeping fit, mental wellness, or any other reason you might have for going – we go for the community, connection and friendship we’ve found there.

    You can find all this and more at Dan Moore – Elite Training “the gym for people who don’t like gyms” Saturday 27th April was Team Day, and this was special. Inverness vs Nairn, with team workouts that brought everyone together with just the right amount of competition. Even the trainers had a play off at the end.

    What were our take aways from this event? We’ve noted (and said many times before) that Dan has been able to create a team that can perpetuate seamlessly the culture he established at the Inverness site from the beginning – this despite having to recruit and onboard new people with their own ideas. This takes consistent leadership. Not only this though the community that has developed out of the continuously growing membership is something that didn’t just get 60+ people out of bed on Saturday – it got them challenging themselves and each other to achieve something that would feel good for a long time to come. This kind of community and belonging is formidable and something to behold – and something we aim to help our clients with too.

    The snacks (because you always need snacks right?) were provided by Grazey Days Inverness, and they were lush too.